Building better software, one incident at a time.  Host Kevin Riggle talks with software engineers about that time they broke production.

Whether you're an industry professional, or just curious about what makes the modern Internet run and what happens when it breaks, we bring you stories you haven't heard elsewhere.

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He Won George Hotz's Money - Andrey Petrov

Host Kevin Riggle interviews Andrey Petrov about three different incidents he was involved with: A programming mistake in high school that filled its alumni's email in...

The Reporter Called Her Christmas Day - Melanie Ensign - Bug Bounty & Incident Management

Kevin Riggle interviews Melanie Ensign (Discernible Inc.), former Global Head of Security, Privacy, & Engineering Communications for Uber, about building good bug boun...

The Future Is (Literally!) Bright - How Infrastructure Works, by Deb Chachra - Climate, Energy, & the Future

Kevin Riggle interviews Deb Chachra, professor of engineering at Olin College and author of HOW INFRASTRUCTURE WORKS about climate change, the housing crisis, the gree...

Was Akamai the Velvet Underground of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)? - Abhijit Mehta - Bonus

Kevin Riggle interviews Abhijit Mehta about Akamai and its role in the history and development of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).  Bonus episode outtake from https...

He Broke Turkish Twitter - Abhijit Mehta

Kevin Riggle interviews Abhijit Mehta, who tells how one tiny dot made almost made a massive difference to Twitter's Turkish ad revenue.Abhijit's Twitter: https://twit...

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